helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

so I get round to updating this thing again...

I've finally finished reading my friends page. It's only taken me, uh, 5 hours. Admittedly I've been doing other online stuff concurrently, but that's still an impressively large amount of time.

My weekend was boring because I was ill. Missed both Pride and a barbecue party. Wasn't happy about that. On Sunday, Tim and Peter came round for dinner, bringing their PS2 with them so that we could see what PS2 games and DVD stuff looked like on our new television. They seemed fine to me, though I'm sure Richard could find a problem. (Honestly, never go out with someone who works in post production - not only does he complain about the crapness of special effects in film and/or tell you how it was done, but he's gone from moderately to totally obsessive about sound and picture quality. I mean, I know that theoretically DVD video is higher resolution than VHS, but in practice my eyes can't see the difference - except in "The Matrix", where the green tint on stuff that happens inside the matrix is only actually visible on the DVD version. Anyway, enough ranting.) We played "Point Blank", and I took photos of Tim and Peter with octopus on head, and playing with lightguns. It's so good to have a television that's big enough to let us play lightgun games again!

On Monday, I basically read news and configured my new newsreader. Nothing exciting happened, except that Richard brought me back bagels from the shop in Waterloo station. Today, I had to do a whole load of things, starting with a doctor's appointment at 10.30am. There seemed to be some sort of emergency going on this morning, as my doctor was busy with the same patient from when I arrived until when I was seen 45 minutes later. It was go go go. Then I got back from the doctor to find my parents in the car park about to leave for Paris. I had no idea that they were even planning to leave the country this week, so this came as a bit of a surprise. Apparently they're going to see a big Jim Morrison memorial concert tonight. I boggle. At least they seemed to be getting on with each other rather than having an episode, and I'm getting 2 1/2 days with them too far away from me for it to be my problem if they have an episode, so that's nice.

I mentioned to my mum that I was going to the library to return my overdue books, and she said "oh, will you take mine back too?". So I had to walk through town in the middle of the day in the blazing sun carrying eight books instead of three. Then when I got there, I discovered that my mum had managed to run up £15 worth of fines. It costs 11p for each book for each day late - you work out how late her books were! So the money that my parents had left me as a "treat" all disappeared in paying my mother's library fines!

Apart from that I went to the bank to pay in a birthday money cheque, went into WH Smith and bought this month's Diva because it had an article about Angelina Jolie being Lara Croft in it, went to HMV to return the Metallica DVD set that Richard got that has 2 Disc Ones and no Disc Two, bought "The Dark Crystal" and "Dazed and Confused" on VHS as they were £3.99 and £4.99 respectively, had one of the new veggie burgers that Burger King are doing, and went to Computer Exchange to buy a lightgun game called "Mighty Hits" that I'd seen there last week. I got home, put everything away and emptied the dishwasher, before realising that I hadn't been to the pharmacy to get my prescription dispensed. So I had to go out again. Finally got back around 3pm, by which time I was exhausted and just collapsed in front of the computer. And I'm still here.

Time for bed, said Zebedee.

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