helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Dino Island

I notice I have failed to go into any details about my main time sink at the moment. This is Dino Island, a game on the Orange wap site, that is probably too addictive to be legal.

I think it's supposed to be a Pokemon rip-off - you train dinosaurs to fight and use them to capture other dinosaurs, but it actually plays more like the text-based MUDs I was addicted to at college. But instead of me being the character in a role-playing game, I'm the trainer of the characters, like in The Sims. And this appeals to me far more. I've never successfully done any role-playing - any character I try to play ends up as me, only me if I was a centaur or elf in a world with different technology, which I don't think is supposed to be the point. My attempts at playing evil characters were laughable - I just couldn't do it - couldn't bring myself to kill the fluffy ewok-like creatures. (Richard was even worse - on Nanvaent, he did the "save a baby wuzzie quest" 19 times - because every time he went to the Foresters' Guild, there'd be a lost baby wuzzie outside looking at him with big brown eyes, and he'd just have to take it home).

I fundamentally like training and micromanaging semi-intelligent but semi-useless creatures in games. (I'd hate it in real life - no office management for me!) That whole nurturing thing... I care about my useless creatures. That's why The Sims is the only "God game" I've ever got on with, because a city or a theme park just isn't something I can love and care about, but people are. I like being responsible for useless creatures becoming less useless, or at least being a bit happier and having a bit more money. It's probably the closest thing I have to a maternal instinct. What this says about me, I really don't know.

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