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heat and Brussels

Ugh, I hate this weather. For almost 2 weeks I've had a headache every day. I'd be getting worried if I didn't know the cause. I'm too hot so my temperature regulation and breathing are screwed up, oh joy oh bliss.

My job is driving me insane. I want to hear back from the damned university, so I know whether or not I can give notice. Entirely given up the idea of keeping my job going with the minimum number of shifts a week so I have extra money on top of the funding I'll get for the course. 12 hours a week of tedious crap on top of full-time study, with my health the way it is, would be a BAD thing.

Had a good weekend, though. Richard & I went to Brussels, courtesy of a half-price Eurostar voucher from sashajwolf. We've been missing Brussels a lot since his mum died and his dad moved back to the UK. It's honestly one of the only cities in the world I've ever visited that I could bear to live in apart from London - of course, I'd need to have intensive French lessons for a while first and enough disposable income that we could come back to London once a month to see our friends, but it's an amusing pipe dream.

We didn't have enough time there because he can't take time off work yet (still in the 3 month probation period at the start of the job), but we found a nice hostel to stay in right in the centre of town. Youth hostels with shared bedrooms and bunk beds have never really appealed to me, but this one's just opened a new bit, with 8 two-person bedrooms with their own bathroom, so it was like staying in a hotel - and for the price, it was fantastic. The other thing was there was virtually no soft furnishings in the room - the floor was lino and the curtains were plastic, and the beds were latex mattresses, so there was almost nothing to cause me allergies, hooray! Got up at the crack of dawn and spent an entire day at the Six Flags park, and I am now re-rollercoastered, although I still need to go on another dozen rollercoasters before I feel properly energised again.

I still can't get over the fact that there was brilliant sunshine every day. It always rains in Brussels, always. It's worse than London or Manchester in that respect. Dunno what that was about, I really don't.

Argh, and now our ADSL has gone down so I can't even post this... damnit!

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