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I have a new phone. It's a Nokia 6100.

Now, the thing is, I didn't really need a new phone. I've been very happy with my 8310. But my mum wanted a newer phone for her birthday. She's been managing with a 402 for the past 3 1/2 years, and it was getting silly. Her phone was too old to do predictive text or to store SMSs on the phone itself rather than just on the SIM card.

She's on Pay As You Go rather than a contract because she doesn't really use the phone to make calls - only to receive calls and send/receive SMSs. But Pay As You Go phones are stupidly expensive, because they're not subsidised in any way - whereas when you have a contract, you're locked to your provider for 12 months, so they discount the phones substantially. I'd been vaguely annoyed by WAP browsing on a screen with only three lines of usable text, so I decided that rather than pay £60 for a shitty Pay As You Go phone, I should spend £50 on a new phone for myself and give her my old one. She agreed this was a good idea, and so we are both experiencing the joys of new technology. Comparing the 8310 I've just given her to the 402 she had before is like comparing a Pentium III to a 486, or something.

The 6100's not perfect - irritatingly, although it has a small font option for SMS writing/receiving, you can't use small fonts in the WAP browser. So I only get five usable lines on the screen, plus the title of the page and the menu. But I looked at... just about every phone in the Orange shop, including makes I'd never heard of, and couldn't find anything that did everything I wanted. The Sagem myX-6 which had the best screen around was missing one of the useful calendar functions, and had a crappy D-pad that made my thumb hurt after five minutes of playing with it - let alone an hour of intense Dino Islanding. But the 6100 was a small phone with a big screen, that didn't seem likely to give me RSI, and was within my price range, so... We'll have to see how happy I am with it.

Eh, and polyphonic ring tones that are all completely shite! What is this, some sort of conspiracy to make me buy a new ring tone?! But at least it lets me customise my message alert, so I don't have to be one of 20 people on the train carriage who hears a "Nokia beep" and looks at their phone...

Oooh, the Nokia archive's delightful - this is the phone I had for two years, prior to getting the 8310. It was even that colour! But I had a bright orange lobster-shaped case for it. Which got nicked in a pub at alt.polycon 8.

I fully expect none of this post to make any sense to Americans.

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