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and in 30 years my hair will be...

Anyone care to place a bet on something we won't know the outcome of for 30 years?

Washed my hair tonight, and in doing noticed a very cool thing. One of the hairs that fell out was graduated in colour, from my usual very dark brown at one end, to white at the other. It was an even colour change through the strand.

Generally speaking black hair goes grey with age, and red hair goes white - blond can go white or just paler, while brown can go grey or white. I've always worried that my hair might be dark enough that it'll go grey, and for some reason I don't want to have grey hair. Not really sure why ;) My mum's hair is interesting, having gone from monochrome to multicolour (naturally) - she now has silver, blonde, brown and white hair, which is fantastic; but mine's likely too dark for anything like that to happen. The best I can hope for is salt-and-pepper. But finding this hair is cool, because it shows that my hair has the potential to go white rather than grey.

So anyone want to bet on what colour my hair will end up? :D

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