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not enough time

I am running late with getting everything organised for this interview tomorrow, so of course I'm posting to LJ. I don't know anything! If they ask me anything to do with chemistry I'm going to bibble incoherently. Meep.

I have packed all of my BiCon stuff except the food in the fridge, the medicines I need in the morning and the octy I need to hug in bed tonight, but I'm still extremely stressed. I have no idea when I'm going to have time to print out the BiCon Special Needs file & overheads - it'll have to be tomorrow afternoon after the interview, which means coming back here first... oh bloody hell! And I don't yet own a white bra, which I need to wear under the light-coloured top I'm wearing to the interview - it took me all bloody day to find anything that fitted me and was smart enough, I didn't have time to get a bra as well. And I can't find my portable speaker, so I have music for the party but no way of making it audible to other people. Gah!

Anyone got a spare 24 hours I could borrow?

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