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chocolate fudge cake is the cure to all ills?

Don't want to say anything about BiCon because Stuff Happened and I don't want to jinx it. Instead, I will moan about the fact I am covered in insect bites and already going down with the BiCon lurgy. Headache, dizziness, randomly going hot and cold... hmm. I'm actually quite glad I forgot to book any work for this week, because I could do with time to catch up on sleep.

Had long phone call with Cute Person, and Richard seems to be okay with the existence of said person, so we will see what happens. I know Alexa is okay with it as she was there at the time (and she was doing enough flirting of her own!). Stuff May Happen! Woo!

And Richard's just returned with vegan chocolate fudge cake and dairy-free ice cream, so all things considered I am feeling rather more cheered than earlier. No one can be uncheered with chocolate fudge cake! (to misquote Piglet). I still need to make two bitter, pissed-off posts (not about Bicon), but I'll save those until the next time I feel bitter & pissed-off ;)

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