May 14th, 2001



Well, Marcus did make us a roast dinner after all. He did roast beef with roast potatoes and carrots, and a ratatouille of courgettes and tomatoes. I had Linda McCartney Sage and Onion sausages instead of the meat. They worked quite well.

Cath rang just as we were about to leave. I was by the phone looking for the number of a cab company, so I answered it. She was not at all surprised to have me on the other end of the phone, as she'd read my livejournal entry which said we were going round there. Heh :)

Right now I'm feeling too sick to sleep. My hay fever started in earnest yesterday, having been dormant all through the spring. Yesterday I had a runny nose and kept sneezing. Today I have a sore throat and I keep coughing because of catarrh. Worse, I keep feeling like I'm going to throw up - again, because of catarrh. I wasn't able to get a nasal spray as the UK has silly laws about Sunday opening, and we couldn't get round to a chemist before it shut, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow. Bah.

At least I managed to make some people on irc laugh with my definition of "catarrh and rhinitis" as "allergy-induced snot and itching of the nose".
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poly activism

As I seem to be awake, I've been writing stuff about polyamory in various places. I posted three or four comments in reply to things in compersion, and I just posted this. I'll probably poke my head into the actual polyamory journal now.

Still feel sick, though Olbas oil is clearing my nose a bit.