May 22nd, 2001



Here's a link to the Queercompany manifesto - the five issues that they think should be addressed in the forthcoming UK election. (Be warned - Queercompany contains Javascript, and for some reason it crashes my version of Netscape about 50% of the time).

The manifesto is interesting, though a bit woolly. I don't think they go far enough in part 1, which discusses partnership rights. I personally think all of the rights of marriage should be available to any group of unrelated people who want to make that commitment. But then I'm a polyamory activist, so that's not really surprising.

The one thing I note is that they talk about "heterosexual and homosexual relationships". On, you get jumped on and flamed if you dare talk about a "heterosexual relationship" - it's an "opposite-sex relationship" (and likewise it's not a "homosexual relationship", it's a "same-sex relationship"). Some people on claim that using "same-sex" and "opposite-sex" is more bisexual-inclusive. I'm not sure that it is, but so far, I haven't been able to think of a better alternative.

The most queer-friendly party fielding candidates in my area are the Liberal Democrats, who are running a campaign called Freedom to be... - basically standing up for the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. Our current MP is a Lib Dem, and I think she's done OK for us, so we'll probably be voting for her. Richard wanted to vote Green, but he disagrees strongly with their policy on the Euro, so we don't have a lot of choice really :)
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A strange thought about biology.

As I mentioned a few days ago, my friend Andi recently went in for sex reassignment surgery. One of the things that greatly concerns male-to-female transsexuals is having enough vaginal depth to be able to have sex comfortably. I was talking to some of my other friends about this, and we observed that although there are figures all over the place for the average length (and breadth) of a human male's penis, none of us have ever seen figures for the average depth of a human female's vagina. I mean, on the basis that one is designed to fit into the other, in theory the average vagina should be about the same size as the average penis - but has anyone actually ever measured it?

I said that I didn't mind measuring mine and letting them know how deep it is, but later I realised that poking a ruler up there might hurt. Someone else suggested that I get a dildo with a scale marked on it, but does anyone make such a thing? Perhaps I should write to various sex toy manufacturers and suggest it!
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About that weekend...

After all the fun with HTML on Sunday, I never did get round to telling you about the weekend.

On Saturday we caught the train to Poole, where we met up with Richard's dad, sister Anne, nephew Ben, Uncle Hug [1], Aunt Alyson, cousin Catherine and Grandad Norman, all of whom live in Poole or were visiting. Many Garnishes were in evidence.

Richard's dad seems to be okay - obviously, still upset, but not noticeably falling apart or failing to cope, which is good. We took Wicket down to see him, and he was amused to discover that he (along with most of the other males in Richard's family) is in fact a wuzzie.

After doing family duty, we went to Splashdown, a very cool water park not too far from where Uncle Hug lives. My favourite of the flumes there is the Torpedo Run (which I always call the Tornado Run for some reason), but the Black Thunder is fun too. Then we ate pizza and got the train home again, getting in at something like 1am.

We slept lots that night, and got up again about 3pm on Sunday. Tim and Peter came round with their PS2 (that's a Playstation 2, not an old IBM - for all you pedants, note that I said "PS2" not "PS/2") and we rented Fantavision and Kuri Kuri Mix. The latter game is quite bizarre, even by the standards of other strange Japanese games that we've played before. One of the characters wears a tulip on his head, "as a sign of his great courage". Peter said that he wanted a tulip on his head too. We decided this was a sign of him being Dutch.

Anyway, Tim and Peter decided that as we'd gone to the trouble of renting some PS2 games, we should be allowed to keep the PS2 for a couple of days so that we could play them. So we now have a PS2 in our front room. Oh damn, how _will_ we cope? :)

[1] Uncle Hug's real name is Michael. Apparently what happened is that when one of his niblings was young, zie couldn't say "Michael". His middle name is Hugh, and somehow this became "Hug". I just think that "Uncle Hug" is a very cool name, and I am going to refer to him by this name until such time as he tells me to stop doing so.

dawn breaks.

So I watched the dawn breaking this morning. I looked out of the window every couple of minutes between about 4.20am and now. The sky was an amazing mix of pink, yellow and blue.

And now "from the edge of the deep green sea" is playing on my stereo. For a long time after I split up with a certain person, I couldn't listen to this song as it had been special for us. But sometime after I started to heal from the relationship, I could play it again.

and so we watch the sun come up from the edge of the deep green sea
and she listens like her head's on fire, like she wants to believe in me
so i try
put your hands in the sky
surrender, remember we'll be here forever
and we'll never say goodbye...
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