June 8th, 2001


ouch :S

The British National Party got over 5000 votes in Oldham. That was 11% of the vote. They came in 4th.

And in Oldham West and Royston, they came in 3rd with 16%, and beat the Lib Dems.

Bloody hell. Remind me not to move there in the summer, when my Asian heritage shows in my face.

So far the results are:
Labour -129
Conservative - 1 (ha!)
Lib Dem - 7
SNP - 1


The Lib Dems hold Kingston and Surbiton. That's the next constituency to us - most of Kingston is in there. I think the boundary is our road!

(We're in Richmond Park).

Current results:
Lab: 168, Con: 2, Lib Dem: 12, SNP: 1
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In Wyre Forest, the independent candidate, who was standing on a single policy of keeping Kidderminster Hospital open, won with 28,000 votes! The Labour candidate only got just over 10,000 votes.

Wow!! And yay for him, that's fantastic.

The results for our constituency!

We heard about 2.30am that the Lib Dems won in our area, but we had to wait more than another hour for the full results. Here they are:

Richmond Park - LD hold

Tonge, Jenny LD 23,444 47.7%
Harris, Tom Con 18,480 37.6%
Langford, Barry Lab 5,541 11.3%
Page, James Grn 1,223 2.5%
St John Howe, Peter UKI 348 0.7%
Perrin, Raymond Ind 115 0.2%

Majority: 4,964
Turnout: 67.6%
2.5% swing from Con to LD

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