July 7th, 2001

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So I lay around in bed all day on Friday, and finally got up in the evening. I was pissed off with myself for entirely wasting the day, because I was still tired when I got up despite having lain in bed. I stayed up all night, reading livejournal and newsgroups, and found out a few things that upset me. So I was horribly depressed on Saturday, and too wound up to sleep.

I managed to fall asleep for about 2 hours on Saturday afternoon, but my sleep patterns were so messed up that I was exhausted, and when Richard rang to wake me up I was feeling far too ill to do what we were meant to be doing, i.e. going out to dinner with Peter and Tim and Peter's parents. I told Richard there was no way I could trek all the way across London to eat rich food, and he said he'd go without me. Then I collapsed back onto the bed and cried for 10 minutes. After that, I felt better, and I rang my mum and asked her to get some chocolate milk and a cookie from Starbucks. Got washed and dressed in a hurry, met my mum at the station, and got a train into town. In the end Richard and I were only half an hour late for Peter's party.

It was quite good fun. We went to Cafe Rouge in Greenwich which does ostensibly fancy French food, but I still managed to find something simple and vegetarian to eat. There was a bit of a language problem as Peter's mum doesn't speak much English, but we managed to have quite a good conversation even if a lot had to be translated. Tim said he recognised about one word in every six sentences, which must be pretty good seeing as he's only done about 3 of his Dutch lessons :) Also, there was a teenage girl there who's a neighbour of Peter's parents and had come across with them to absorb some British culture, and she was really rather cute. I felt like saying to Peter "if she decides she's a lesbian in the next few years, let me know". Yes, I am a shameless lech.

We finished the meal about 10.30pm and got the first train back, and went straight to bed as we were both exhausted.