July 9th, 2001

black, shiny

the healing power of food.

I just had the most wonderful pizza.

I woke up far too early today - about 6.30am. The clock in our bedroom is analogue, so when I saw it saying 6.30, I thought for a few seconds that I'd slept all day and it was 6.30pm, but then I noticed the absolute lack of noise outside and realised it had to be early morning. I was far too tired to get up then, but I couldn't easily get back to sleep either. I've had this a couple of times in the past week, and it's a worrying new addition to my disturbed sleep patterns. Insomnia that stops me going to sleep in the first place is one thing, but insomnia where I wake up too early is another. Still, I was talking to Cath last night and she was reporting much the same problem, so maybe it's just the weather. Hope so.

I eventually fell asleep again, and got woken up shortly after 12 by workmen knocking on my door. It seems that they were laying cables for someone in a flat downstairs and needed to get into the services cupboard, but they didn't have a key for it. I told them I didn't have a key either and they went away, and I went and laid on the bed again. I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep, but I was feeling depressed and tired and didn't really want to get up.

Eventually I realised that the reason I was so tired wasn't lack of sleep, it was lack of food. I knew we didn't have anything in the fridge so I thought I'd better go out, even though I didn't feel like it. I was going to walk across town and get a panini from the new pizza place on the other side of the market, but that seemed far too much like effort. Then I remembered that the pizza place just round the corner had been doing hot sandwiches for a while. I found their takeaway menu and discovered that they weren't anymore - but that they did have garlic sauce as a pizza topping. And suddenly I realised that what I needed in my life right then was a pizza with sweetcorn, garlic sauce and oodles of mozzarella, followed by a chocolate mousse cake. And after getting all that and eating it, the world seemed like a rather better place.

I'm going to be making a fair number of backdated entries today. Sorry if they mess up your friends page view, but I've been letting this get a bit behind this week.
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more livejournal geekery

I just joined some more of the communities here. I was already a member of polyamory, compersion and spods. Now I've joined queer, bisexual, voluptua and bilezfemmes_uk.

I think it's probably extremely obvious what all of those communities discuss, except maybe voluptua which is a new community with only 3 members at the moment. Apparently it's for voluptuous women in the UK. I can think of quite a few people reading this who would fit that description :)

So livejournal will eat even more of my life. Now all I need is to get a paid account so I can have more pictures :)
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Good news.

My friend N. called tonight. He was extremely perky on the phone, so I asked how he was. He said he was very well - he got his test results back today and it seems that his T cell count has doubled and his viral load is undetectable. This is extremely good news, as it means that the evil anti-HIV drugs are working. We're going to meet up later in the week.

I'm trying out the Windows LJ client at the moment. I haven't used this before. It's a bit different to the linux one. Neither of them seem to let you alter the date on your post though, which is a bit annoying as I do sometimes want to make backdated posts. (And the "backdate" option does something completely different - it makes your post just appear on the calendar, not in your usual journal page or on people's friends page).