July 11th, 2001


Links of the day.

I have three links of the day today. The first was yesterday's link of the day on User Friendly, but I thought I'd copy it here for the people who don't read UF or aren't up-to-date with it. It's Molecules with silly or unusual names. Tim, beware - this page contains many scary organic molecules! (More scary organic molecules can be found here).

The second is something I saw posted on uk.transport.london. It's a guess the Tube station competition! It's annoying me at the moment because I can't work out which station it is - I've got it down to which line, and I can name several stations it isn't, but not which one it actually is. Bah.

The third was posted on a private message board that I read. It's about Americans and their attitude to the word "fuck" - more specifically, how news organisations reported on a website with a rude name. I'm very amused.

message to readers.

I've been making a couple of friends-only posts recently. If you read this journal and think you should be listed as a friend, let me know. Thanks!

Note to people without LJ accounts: It's possible to get a LiveJournal account and just use it for reading other people's protected messages. The admin don't mind people doing that. It's dead easy to get a LJ account - just pick a username and go here. Your account won't ever be deleted, even if all you do is read other people's journals.

even MORE livejournal geekery!

I'm happy. I started reading the suggestions community, and discovered that something I was going to suggest has already been suggested and already possible (thanks to thegreatdark for that). So I spent some time this morning fiddling with my friends groups at http://www.livejournal.com/friends/editgroups.bml. This took much longer than it should have done because javascript is evil. After Netscape crashed on me twice whilst fiddling with the above page, I tried Internet Explorer on the laptop. That crashed three times, but eventually did what I wanted ;)

So now I have two separate friends pages: one for actual people and one for spammy communities. So now I can see what my friends are doing without being utterly swamped in communities stuff. Hooray!

Javascript's evil, though. Anything that makes both Netscape and Internet Explorer crash repeatedly has to be.
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black, shiny

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Tim and Peter came round tonight. We went to Starbucks, ate takeaway pizza (from the place I mentioned here) and played Pop N' Music. I discovered that Peter didn't realise that Tim had a journal here, which means he's going to be very surprised when he reads it. Tim writes in a rather idiosyncratic style, which I find utterly hilarious, but other people don't seem to understand. The post where he wrote random bits in CAPITALS for no apparent reason had me laughing so hard that I... well, you know about LOL (laughing out loud) and ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing)? There's also a rarer variant, FOHCL (falls off his/her chair laughing), which I'd never had occasion to use before.

At least Tim's writing is only surreal and not actually ungrammatical. Some livejournal users don't seem to be very good at English at all. For some reason the bisexual community here is full of them. So far this has been the worst post I've seen, though there's a couple of close runners up... like...the people....who...write...like this, and the ones who don't know how to use apostrophes, and the ones who talk about "gurls" and "bois" - argh, learn to spell, people!

OK, enough ranting. Time for bed.
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