July 13th, 2001


Wise words from David.

djm4 wrote some clever things in this thread. As it's now 16 comments long, I doubt that many of you are reading it, so I thought I'd repost them here.

"Our sort of activism isn't about who you are, privately or publically, it's about believing in personal freedom for everyone, regardless of whether they want the sort of relationships that you want."

"Provided you're doing relationships in the way that suits you, your way isn't any better or worse than
mine or anyone else's. One very likely way to make it fuck up, though, would be to do your relationships in the style of someone else."

Yay for having sensible friends!

Now, there are strange thumping noises coming from the hallway, so I have to go and find out what they're about...
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We have a new video! Richard picked it up in Oxford Street. It matches our new television and does NTSC playback, so we can get tapes from the US and Japan.

I was wondering if there are any other things where the same name is used both for the device and for the thing you play it on. I mean, we say "video" for both the cassette and the player, whereas it's "CD" and "CD player" and "tape" and "tape recorder". It's rather odd, that.
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