July 29th, 2001


I can die happy now.

It starts with a stage dive. Then the venue erupts in pyrotechnics, and the crowd goes mad.

This is what rock music is supposed to be like.
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baratron, silly

tonight's surreality from irc.

astalice> I'm not sure where my childhood toys are but I know they're still around.
astalice has been collecting fluffy things for a long time
BroAdam> alice: like Richard? =)
fluffKitten> heehee
BroAdam wonders if Richard was a childhood toy
BroAdam imagines a wee alice bringing Richard in for show and tell
jdev> *snrk*
jdev> "show"
BroAdam> "This is my Ewok. His name is Richard."
fluffKitten> what an image
anathema> does he fit in your pocket?
BroAdam> Travel Richard, new from Mattel
anathema> With mini weapons?
BroAdam> nah
BroAdam> I can't see Richard carrying a weapon
BroAdam> but he might have a nice, sensible sedan
anathema> my luke skywalker had mini weapons
BroAdam> *nod*
BroAdam> Luke Skywalker also wasn't an Ewok
anathema> nope
anathema> my ewok is furry and stuffed.
anathema> and he came with a cape
BroAdam has no Ewoks =(
jdev has a plastic cup filched from CDS that's kind of caramel-color-stained from all the Coke
BroAdam> jdev: very nice
BroAdam has a troll and a dog and a penguin and a walrus and a different bunny, but no Ewoks
BroAdam> I used to have pictures of everyone but the troll online, but I've misplace them and don't feel like tooling around Beanie Baby fan sites again. Because they frighten me, and I think I could go to hell for looking at them.
anathema> I have a baby ewok too
anathema> he's grey.
anathema> and he had no cape
BroAdam> awwwwwwww
BroAdam wonders how anathema's place can bear that much cuteness
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