August 29th, 2001


Post-BiCon lurgy.

I have come back from BiCon with a cold of the sort that muddies my head and makes it hard to do anything involving words. I'm not altogether sure how I caught it, as no one I was, ahem, "being intimate" with seemed to be noticeably ill at all, but everyone carries a whole load of germs around in their throats. Obviously, you tend to be more-or-less immune to your own germs, but a new bunch from someone else can totally overwhelm your system, as has happened in this case. My throat hurts, my eyes are stinging and my nose is alternately blocked and runny. What fun.

People often worry about the risks of catching STDs from casual encounters with other people, but the kind of sex I do with non-primary partners is such that fluids wouldn't come into contact even if the latex barriers decided to stop being useful. "Down there" diseases are far less of a problem for me than the germs passed on by random snogging with cute people - I might have known them for years, but my immune system doesn't know that. Bleh.

Right now I feel far too brain-dead to write about anything that happened since last Thursday. I promise that I will write about it soon, but I need to have a functioning brain before that will happen. Instead, how about I point you to the first of my BiCon photos: the homoerotic statue of Coventry Cathedral.

P.S.If you remember me pointing a camera at you during the weekend, please email me with your address: that way, I can send photos with you in off for your approval prior to posting them on a website without needing to trawl through (etc) to look for people's email addresses.
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