January 9th, 2002


of headaches and day-glo urine

I've been planning to post a few things to livejournal for a couple of days now. Unfortunately, I've had some sort of bug which has been stopping me from looking at a screen for too long. On Thursday, I had a migraine with blurred vision and nausea, and I thought I was going down with flu, but since then the only symptom I've had has been a recurring high temperature and accompanying headache. Every so often I have to take ibuprofen and lie down with a cold flannel on my head to get my temperature down, and then I'm ok again until the next time my temperature gets too high. Most annoying.

I could catch up with those entries now, but they're mostly perky or thoughtful, and I'm just not in the mood. I had a bad dream last night which meant I woke up far too early today, and I'm still tired and somewhat down from the nightmare. So instead, here's an existential entry. Right now, I'm tired and cold - and thinking about having lunch to warm me up and get some energy in me, but I'm depressed enough to not be able to decide what to eat. I might go out and get a pizza, but I need to get my hair washed before I can go out. Got to do something, though.

Oh - I've discovered that taking ibuprofen for a couple of days makes your urine bright yellowy green! I do like having piss the colour of fluorescein!
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