January 21st, 2002

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Those friend-test thingies.

Once again, I came to read livejournal and found that I had to go to friends?skip=500 to catch up. Bah. I've even taken most of the very busy communities off my friends list, so it's not that. Ah well.

The friendtest.com site was working today, so at last I got to take the tests that everyone's been making. I scored highly on bfo's and meirion's (which was in her journal) - not surprising, as I know both of them reasonably well. I got 50% or more on wcg's, kixie's and trishpiglet's by a series of lucky guesses, and utterly failed with those of angilong, babysimon, katyha, lovingboth mactavish and rmjwell. Annoyingly, adjectivemarcus's, elfgeek's, jhg's, rivka's and thekumquat's no longer seem to exist. Oh well.

I didn't want to make a random trivia test at the friendtest site for several reasons:
1) I disagree with the idea that knowing random trivia about you measures how good a friend someone is
2) the site seems to be randomly down a lot of the time
and 3) because it looks as if they only let you use radio buttons and not check boxes. I want to have questions with multiple-choice answers!

So without further ado, here's my poll thingy. Answers to be posted in a week.
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