April 13th, 2002

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Yay and Eeek!

I get so-called "Orange Equity" points when I use my mobile phone for outgoing calls. I looked at the catalogue the other day, and discovered that I had enough points to trade in for £25 of amazon.co.uk vouchers. And although amazon may be Evil due to its one-click patent thing and Killing The Independent Bookseller, it's rather nice to get a free £25. I figured along with the £5 of amazon voucher I had left from Christmas, I could get Parappa the Rapper 2 for about £7.50.

But woe! Today my amazon vouchers turned up. And when I logged onto the amazon site to spend them, I got a plaintive message saying:

We're sorry, but our store is closed temporarily. We expect to be back soon. If you would like to be notified when we reopen, please leave your e-mail address below and we will be happy to let you know.

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Strange thoughts I had in the shower.

Jolly good, amazon is now un-dead. Or possibly even undead. Which makes me think of the brains4zombies site that someone did ripping off the amazon font.

otterylexa is here for the weekend so much excessive cuteness will be happening in my general direction. Both Richard and Alexa seem to have slight colds, which is worrying as having come from different parts of the country, they are probably different mutations of cold germs. Knowing my luck I'll catch both colds at the same time. Apparently that is possible if the viruses are mutated enough.

I was thinking about how the style of polyamorous relationship called Don't Ask Don't Tell (where one partner dates someone else with everyone knowing that the relationship is not exclusive, but with no details being shared amongst the people who aren't directly involved) is generally a bad idea unless it involves cheesecake. Whilst I was in the bathroom, my partners had a chocolate cheesecake eating orgy. I do not want to know any of the details about the wonderful cheesecake they ate. I am quite happy knowing just that they were eating cheesecake.

In other randomness, on a Connex train out of London Bridge the other day I noticed the safety instruction "If you have to evacuate your train please be extremely careful". Except, perhaps as a result of the recent storyline in User Friendly, I thought it said "If you have to evacuate your brain please be extremely careful".
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Jamming with the bros.

On Tuesday night it was Eddy (who some of you know as Marcony)'s birthday. So Richard and I trundled over to his new place near Heathrow for dinner. I was running hideously late, but I still got there in time for food. Richard, on the other hand, got on a Piccadilly line train which was going to Heathrow when he got on it at Leicester Square, but which somehow became an Uxbridge train without telling anyone. So it took him 45 minutes to get from Acton Town to Acton Town. Poor wuzzie! He arrived just as everyone else was leaving, tired, cold and harassed.

So we went back to Eddy's flat and the two of them played around with guitars for a couple of hours. It was fun listening to them while I read the paper and howled along. If they start a band, I am not allowed to sing as Richard does not want to have the proverbial "girlfriend who sings". Hmmm. Whilst Eddy's new place is conveniently located on the route of the 285 bus which runs all night back to Kingston, we managed to leave just in time to miss a bus by 2 minutes. So I stood at the bus stop singing "Ziggy Stardust" for 20 minutes because I couldn't get it out of my head!

I was thinking though, one of the songs they played was "Every Breath You Take". I was reading the lyrics, and it struck me just how creepy they are. I mean:
Every breath you take / Every move you make / Every bond you break / Every step you take I'll be watching you.
Every single day / Every word you say / Every game you play / Every night you stay I'll be watching you.

Is it me, or is this a song about stalking? Even worse is the line Oh baby can't you see / You belong to me?

So I present you a poll so that I can find out whether it's just me that's creeped out:

Is "Every Breath You Take" just a love song, or is it about stalking?

It's about a stalker. Definitely.
I dunno... I thought it was just a love song, but now you've mentioned it...
Don't be so paranoid! It's just a love song.
I have no opinion on the lyrics. Music is music.

Do you like the song "Every Breath You Take"?

Actually, it's one of my favourites.
It's horribly catchy.
Though it creeps me out when I hear it, it gets stuck in my brain for the next week.
I preferred the version by that girlie band.