April 24th, 2002


futzing around with DeadJournal and graphics

I was going to make a couple of "proper" livejournal entries this evening, but I got caught up setting up a DeadJournal. Five fucking hours to set it up. I have absolutely no intention of using it as a journal, because (a) I have a perfectly good journal here and (b) the servers are far too slow for me to bother, but I thought I would Announce its existence to the world, in case any of you want me to be able to read your friends-only posts.

I've spent the rest of the night playing around with graphics. I've created four new userpics, and done some stuff with heromachine. I've got to say, I don't think heromachine is as much fun for me as StorTroopers, because the characters you create don't look anything like real people, but it was fun nonetheless. See the results beneath the cut tag.

I'll do the "posting of userpics and description of what they mean" thing tomorrow :)
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