June 12th, 2002

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flapjacks - the recipe!

I discovered yesterday that what we call flapjacks and what USians call flapjacks are two entirely different things. As the flapjack experience is clearly an important part of my life, here follows a recipe so that you know what I'm talking about.
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Boring Wednesday entry.

Got lots of things done today, mostly financial:Collapse )
Now I'm sitting in front of the computer mildly depressed, because the momentum that carried me through the morning's worn off. I'm sure I'll feel better when I start doing things again, and I'll definitely feel better when Alexa gets here (she's passing through on the way to Scotland to visit her husband-person), but for the moment I've run out of emotional energy. BLEH!
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health & lifestyle stuff

I think that my recent bout of depression has caused me to gain weight, but when I've asked other people they've been unsure. Some have even thought I've lost weight. I know that my belly is a different shape than it used to be, but I can't actually work out whether that's because it's bigger or smaller. And I can't find out by getting on the scales, because I don't believe that finding out how much mass I have is a useful indicator of physical health.

What I do know is that my physical health is lousy - I'm unfit and not eating too well. So that's the next thing to work on. I seem to alternate days of eating very well with days of eating very badly, and it's hard to co-ordinate the two. Collapse )
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