June 28th, 2002


Google geeking.

There's currently a meme going round whereby you type into Google "[your first name] is" and then use this to gather up a list of who/what you are - or rather, who/what a load of people with the same name as you are, e.g.

Richard is also an author of three, original Battlestar Galactica novels
Richard is a knight to remember.
Richard is halfway through the Masters' program in education and counseling at Providence College in Rhode Island.

Well, I can't do it for myself. There is no way using Google to search for people who have the same name as me. Google doesn't distinguish between people who have "Helen" and "Louise" among their names and people who have "helen-louise" as a single name.

I understand full well that people looking for "mother-in-law" might also want pages containing "mother in law", but I'm not using the hyphen as a phrase connector - I'm using it as a fundamental part of the name. I'd like some way of distinguishing between optional and obligatory hyphens.

I actually emailed Google about this almost a year ago, and they never got back to me. Perhaps I should send the mail again?