July 26th, 2002


We're on a mission from Glod!

I am very very behind with livejournal. Currently running more than 200 posts behind on my "default view" friends page - which doesn't include all of the journals on my friends list. Oops.

Still got a stinking cold. Been too ill all week to go to work. This morning Alexa and I went on a mission of mercy to take urgently-needed supplies over to a friend who is (at least for the moment) more mentally-ill than I am and living on Valium for the time being. I enjoyed the trip, as I'd been stuck in the house for 4 days getting more and more wound-up by the lack of change in scenery, and also it gave the two of us the chance to talk a bit rather than just sitting in the same room playing computer games at each other (her drug of choice is Final Fantasy 7 - I blame meeping entirely for this, as it's his copy of the game that she's playing). I'm clearly still too ill to go to work though, as the very short walk from the car park to the supermarket (it was 6.30am - there wasn't much competition for spaces) was enough to start me wheezing terribly. Don't have a peak flow meter here because I'm crap and always forget to ask for one, but I suspect my lung capacity is about 2/3 what it usually is. *Cough* *wheeze* *splutter*.

On the way to our mission of mercy I saw the Most Hideous advert ever (TM) - it was an advert for "Barbie in 'The Nutcracker'" which entirely covered the back of the bus. Apart from the gigantic picture of Barbie, with her proportions too tiny to be attained by any human female with actual organs inside her, the whole of the back of the bus was vile Barbie pink - which clashed perfectly with the red sides of the bus. Ewww.
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