August 11th, 2002


my vacuum cleaner's blowing out instead of sucking in.

Having a blah day. Lonely, for no particular reason, and it seems to be National Don't Answer Your Mobile day amongst my friends. Actually, although I've sat here going through my address book compulsively a few times, I haven't actually rung everyone that I consider a friend, because a lot of them are people that are too distant for me to feel entitled to bother them just because I'm lonely, if you see what I mean. I suppose it could be questioned whether or not any of them are actually friends in that circumstance, but what other name is there for people that you like who like you back, but with whom you don't hang out with every week as a matter of course?

Went to the Game On exhibition at the Barbican yesterday. It was good, but not worth £11. We'd expected a lot more than 150 computer games thrown together in a room with minimal explanation - a lot more things to look at and read, rather than just game after game after game. Most of the games I wanted to play were ones we already have at home, which says something, I'm not sure what. Tim and Peter aren't coming round today because they're cleaning their house. I can't do the same, though I tried on Friday, because our vacuum cleaner is resolutely broken. Okay, it's not actually blowing out instead of sucking, it's simply failing to suck - but I like that line!

Richard is busy painting his paintball gun - you'd have thought this was a waste of time, but it's all part of his 1337 X-Treme sports dude image, apparently. Anyone who has ever met Richard or seen a photo of him will know just how un-1337 X-Treme sports he is. I've just decided that in lieu of cleaning the house, I should clean up my hard drive - it's down to 450 MB free, due to ridiculously large amounts of Sims downloads - and I'll need something like 950MB free for the new Sims expansion pack that's coming out in a month or so.

Hmm, well - it's taken me nearly 2 hours to write this entry (because I keep being interrupted), and I'm feeling much less lonely than I was earlier - but I suppose I'll leave the mood set as it was at the beginning because my social bar is still way too low :)
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