September 3rd, 2002


should I return to usenet?

I have had two days of thinking profound thoughts. I have posted in compersion about being comfortable with your partner's other partners, and on The Sims Resource about polyamory in The Sims. I've also noticed in referring the TSR people to the FAQs that there's actually nothing in the alt.poly FAQ about the difference between polyamory and polygamy/polygyny/polyandry, which seems a bit of an oversight... and something that did frequently come up on the group when I was there.

I'm thinking about dropping back into alt.polyamory, because I still consider it "home". For a start, there's alt.polycon, which has a very important place in my heart. apc 8 was... stressful in a way that means I'm still procrastinating on tidying up some of the odds and ends, yet it must have been successful - even if just on a ratio of number of attendees to number of new relationships ;) I really want to get to apc 9, but the only way I can afford it would be if I stayed with someone, and I'm no longer close to the friends I had in Boston. (Unless one of my LJ friends lives there, and I'm being forgetful). Wild horses will not keep me away from apc 10, because I need to see Toronto again, revisit all the wonderful things we saw there, and get to all the things we wanted to but didn't have time. I have to talk to Bearpaw about passing on the consuite decorations & so on - if someone could give me his email address, I'd be most grateful.

On a more practical level, I'm thinking I should talk to people there about adding some stuff to the FAQ, and thinking some of them might like to read my post on how labels work for this geek. But it would be rude to pop in without sticking around for the discussion - and I simply don't have time to keep up with the traffic. Even after installing gnus and putting in some heavy-duty rules/filters, I was unable to keep up with it. I miss it, but since lilairen arrived on LJ, everyone whose stuff I really enjoy reading is here. And here, I can read them unmolested by idiots and trolls.

And I like the LJ interface so much better than usenet. I much much prefer the discussion style of livejournal comments. Because of how they work, you only ever get short conversations in comments - if people want to branch off from it, they do it in their own journals - so I can follow threads a lot more easily. and alt.poly were nightmarish for me because if I didn't have time to read the groups properly, I'd keep missing out on stuff, and getting upset.

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