September 8th, 2002


two really disgusting things that make me swear a lot.

Firstly, a very horrible law has been passed in Florida. Women who want to give their children up for adoption have to supply the names and addresses of any potential fathers, or post in the local paper for four weeks their full name and description along with the information they have regarding the men. Just think about the possibilities. Then, consider the fact that this law applies even in the case of women who want their long-term partners to have responsibility in law for the children of a past relationship (and whose partners may well regard their children as their own), and even in the case of rape. What a fucking stupid law! As I said in my rant about it, I can't be complacent just because it's happening in the US - whatever gets passed there gets here sooner or later.

It's a fucking Nanny State law. In trying to stop people having sex outside marriage, it treats us like idiot children instead of the adults we are. We should be allowed to make our choices without the state dictating its morality to us. Giving a child up for adoption is a responsible and difficult act, and women who are doing so should be given every assistance - not made to feel like criminals! Making women in stable relationships, who want their partners to have parental responsibility in law for their child go through it - is absolutely crazy. And to make the victims of rape go through it, oh my giddy aunt - it's like raping them again.

And of course the fucking abortion rate is going to go up as a result of it! Duh!!

Gah. I am angry now.

And PETA are being fucking morons, too. I should, in theory, support the work of PETA - I am vegetarian, almost-vegan, for political reasons - if I was world dictator, no one would eat animal products produced from actual animals. But I don't want to get into a discussion of my views, because I'm too angry at the moment to be able to debate calmly with my friends, and I don't want to snap at you. The fact is that PETA produce horrendous, hate-filled adverts such as the one I've linked to. So it's okay to pick on fat people, because no vegetarians would ever be fat? Should you want to read it, my rant is further down that thread. Gah!!

There is smoke coming out of my ears. I need an "angry" userpic.
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baratron, silly

calming down...

OK, following this line from a web page discussing one of PETA's previous offensive adverts: Maybe I'm brainwashed, but when I see a giant bush stroll by in the health club locker room I get kinda scared..., I have urges to take photos of my unshaven crotch and put them on a web site declaring "At least my Bush has a brain".

Please tell me someone's done this already - I need to see it!
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