September 19th, 2002

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Because everyone should see this horror...


It's not the Christianity that bothers me so much as the juxtaposition of President W Bush and Christianity. I'd say that for me, he sums up everything that's worst about some branches of Christianity - the things which have made some of my friends denounce Christianity altogether, and made me truly uncertain about calling myself a Christian.

I don't talk about my religion much simply to avoid misunderstandings. To sum it up in one sentence, I'm a pantheist who thinks that the things attributed to Jesus are sensible ideas. My beliefs are probably closest to those of the Quaker or Unitarian Universalist churches. I could not be further in stance from the pro-war, anti-abortion, anti-gay, fundamentalist, hatemongering so-called Christians. And yet, many of my friends think that to be Christian is to be pro-war, anti-abortion, and all those other things. So I can't use that word for myself.

I didn't see rivka's rant before I started writing this, but she says what I think only more eloquently. In the meantime, that image, and the views of that eBay seller, make me feel ill.
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I just put some things on my livejournal to-do list. It's not everything I need to do over the next few weeks, as long to-do lists only make me stressed - but it's all the important things that (a) I might forget about and (b) I want to be prodded about. So feel free to prod me about any or all of the items, especially if they affect you directly!

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I am in a Very Bad Mood because a website I use frequently has been changed so that it is no longer compatible with Opera. When I complained, I was told "we only support IE 5 and Netscape 6, so you'll have to use one of those".


  • Opera is almost 100% compliant with W3C standards for HTML and javascript. So if the site makes it crash, it must use extremely non-valid HTML. I have, in fact, run the site through the W3C validator, and can't get less than 20 errors using any version of HTML.
  • I have a huge bee in my bonnet about non-valid HTML. (When I have acquired enough arsedness points, I'm going to rewrite my livejournal styles so that they all validate.)
  • While I could get Netscape 6, I don't really have space on the laptop's hard drive.
  • I refuse to use IE, because it has memory leaks and hard disc leaks, to say nothing of the security issues. Before I got Opera, I set IE's disc cache to be 20MB. It completely ignored this instruction. 800MB later I was running out of hard disc space. So I tried to use the "clear disc cache" option to get rid of it, IE claimed the disc cache had been cleared, but the files were still there. Explorer would not let me delete the files manually, so I had to hack the registry to get rid of them. That was the last straw that made me download Opera.
  • The Sims Resource is a site that you have to pay for access to. I have paid good money, and now I can't use it. The support people there say "we have only ever supported IE 5 and Netscape 6, so it's your problem". Well, until the most recent update, they might have said that, but I could still view the site without any trouble in Opera. Now, it crashes the browser.
  • What I'm going to have to do is use Mozilla on the linux box, download all of the Sims stuff I want, then transfer it across the internal network to the laptop. I believe the phrase for this is "a complete fucking fiasco".

I am so angry I'm steaming! I know it's a stupid thing to get upset about, but lately all sorts of small things have been pissing me off - I'm probably premenstrual, or something. I'm absolutely mad, and I don't know how to argue my case that they bloody well should use valid HTML, when probably 90% of the sites on the internet don't. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

(I need an angry userpic - one of a wolfy with Big Teeth snarling. I'll have to look for one).
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