October 4th, 2002


post-gig comedown.

Feeling very down. At least some of it's because I went to see the Wildhearts this evening, and I always feel down after seeing them. I love that band so much that when the concert ends, my life seems empty. Don't get it with any other band... I'm used to feeling crappy after Wildhearts gigs, but usually I get a couple of hours of euphoria before it kicks in. Tonight, my mood crashed as I was leaving the venue with inquis, and I ended up having an almost-argument with her because I was too over-emotional to be able to explain what I was saying.

I'm not the kind of person who gets obsessive about things. Well... not really - I mean, there's my addiction to The Sims and my mile-wide anal-retentive streak. But I do have This Thing about the Wildhearts.
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    Earth vs The Wildhearts - well, duh!