October 6th, 2002


extreme Sims scariness!

I arrived home with the Sims Unleashed 2 hours ago. But I have not installed it yet. I have been reading all the bug reports made by people on the TSR forums.

I am now going to back up my game and install Unleashed. Here is me crossing my fingers and toes and hoping I don't experience any of the really horrendous bugs that people have reported...
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baratron, silly

go me!

I have this problem. My brain is going "muuuust play Sims all night", but my body is going "neeeeeed to sleeeeeeep".

Despite my urges to stay up all night playing The Sims and ignoring my basic bodily needs, I have food and (chocolate, soy) milk, and have loaded the dishwasher and set it running. Now all I need to do is take my tablets and GO TO BED!

(Don't know yet whether I have any of the gameplay bugs which have been reported. I've noticed one thing which people thought was a bug, but I think it's intentional. Haven't played around enough yet, though - I had to look at all the new objects and wallpapers and...)
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