October 13th, 2002

black, shiny

Slash and snakes!

Hrumph. I sat down to catch up with the rest of my lj friends page... and 2 hours later, I was still reading reparo! I blame mhw entirely. Basically, Reparo is a Harry Potter RPG - with the characters grown up and left school (Harry & his classmates are all 18 or 19, and the other characters are aged proportionally). I remember people talking about it when it first started, so I looked into it, but I just found it slightly odd, and not something I wanted to read. But now the story's developed a bit, it's really interesting! The only thing is, I couldn't go back far enough to figure out exactly what all the relationships between the characters were. And what isn't obvious to a casual observer is that you have to read the community's friends page as well as the community journal to get the whole story that's unfolding. New Harry Potter slash! Whee! (And what's only too obvious is that the Reparo universe is yet another one where Draco has Feelings for Harry).

I swear I like Harry Potter fanfic more than the actual books. Which, being allegedly children's books, are never going to get slashy. More's the pity ;) Yes, I am a pervert... but you knew that already.

Extreme snake cuteness!

Going to see Tim & Peter's new flat tomorrow. Richard is going paintballing. I have flapjacks in the oven - a double batch, so he can take some to paintball and I can take some over to T&P, and there will still be plenty left for the week! Whee!

(I have used far too many exclamation marks in this entry! Oh dear...)
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Today's amusing irc log.

* fluffKitten talks to Vron on the phone
[BroAdam] heh
[astalice] hi Vron!
[BroAdam] hi Vron!
[astalice] (though she was here a few minutes ago)
[BroAdam] *nod*
[BroAdam] it's important, though, to say hello to someone in the UK via Australia
[fluffKitten] :-)
[BroAdam] particularly for you, aa, since you're in the UK to start with =)

Today's User Friendly is very amusing if you're an eBay addict like me. And I can't work out whether I approve of these frankfurter octys (courtesy of mactavish) or not.

In other news, I managed to bite the inside of my lip terrifically hard on Thursday night. I put almost an entire incisor through it, which caused much pain and swearing. Since then, my lip has swollen up inside - so of course, I keep biting it again, aggravating the injury. It really bloody hurts! I finally gave in and borrowed a tube of Bonjela from my mum, but I need to be very very careful for the next few days so that it heals.
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