October 14th, 2002

perky, wolfy

Because so many of you are bored on a Monday morning...

How utterly annoying! You can't make an lj-cut in the middle of a poll - I'd wanted to do it after the first question, so people would have some idea what the poll's about.

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Something random I thought of while compiling this poll (and yes, this is the random triviality I promised on Friday) - in American English, the word "check" is used as a verb to mean "make a cross in the box that applies". (In the UK, we usually tick boxes, not cross them - and I don't think "check" is used in this context - except by Brits like me who have been exposed to US culture too much on the internet). Also in American English, the game that we call "draughts" is called "checkers". In this game, you move circular discs around a board with a grid-pattern of boxes. Now, how come when you "check" a box, you put a cross in it, but when you play "checkers" you put a circle in it?

Yes, I said it was trivial.
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perky, wolfy


If I have left a silly comment on your journal in the last hour, do forgive me - I'm completely hyper. Ten hours online and I'm not just wide-awake, but over-stimulated from too much text. I'm going to log out now before my mood goes *pop*.

Imagine a normal person after a quadruple expresso, and you're getting there. Except this has been achieved without the aid of external chemicals - through an interesting biofeedback loop.
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