November 26th, 2002


beating Windows 3.1 into submission

I have spent the night buggering about with my mum's Windows 3.1 machine. 3 hours of buggering about and swearing to get a virus scanner installed. My moods have gone from busy through frustrated, optimistic, pissed off and finally, tired. I didn't really want to waste the whole evening being unpaid technical support, but unfortunately, I couldn't put it off any longer: (a) my mum's machine really is fit for the dustbin now, (b) our printer was out of red ink and I needed to use hers, (c) I didn't want to copy over her files to the newer machine we've set up for her until all the Word macro viruses had been removed. Blah. What "fun".

I have, however, discovered Tucows Classic, which could be a useful link for anyone who has to maintain old computers for their less technology-literate family members. Lots of older versions of software, like Paint Shop Pro 3 and WinZip 6. (PSP's onto version 7 now, and WinZip's on version 8.something).

(BTW, I have updated my CD trade list. Have a look!)
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