January 12th, 2003

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My liveJournal analysis...

Your Livejournal's Age
According to the information you provided, your Livejournal was created on 2001-05-10, meaning that your journal has been around for 611 days. What does this mean?

With over a year of LJ experience under your belt, you can safely call yourself an experienced user. If you are still actively using your journal by now, then chances are you are here to stay. You probably don't add friends nearly as often as you used to, and more than likely have removed a bunch of people that used to be there. Staying in an online community for a year is something of an achievement, you know.

My comment: Yes, I'm definitely here to stay. I'm much closer to having been here 2 years than one, as well. Interesting that the quiz didn't ask whether you have a paid account...

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Fight, Kikkoman!

So it turns out that the really bizarre flash animation advert for Kikkoman soy sauce has a version with English subtitles! Or should that be Engrish subtitles? Warning: really bad and annoyingly catchy audio.

And talking of Engrish, elynne pointed us at bad captions for Fellowship of the Ring from someone's bootleg DVD. They scare me. Particularly the references to "hoppits", and "Yet he come so fast, he will bury the ring". Nurse! My pills!

By the way, can people with free accounts post LJ entries or comments at the moment? Hardly anyone's tried my lyrics quiz, and I wondered if it was obscurity of the songs or inability to comment that was restricting the number of entries...
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science genius girl!

I am highly amused by this song. I have it stuck in my brain after playing it twice in Frequency, so much so that I've gone to the band's web site to download it and some of their other songs.

i'm a science genius girl
i won the science fair
i wear a white lab coat
dna strands in my hair

I will sing that next time I have a wobbly thesis moment.