February 17th, 2003

perky, wolfy


Wolfys are not good at patience. Especially when it involves food. Especially when it involves half a pound of dairy-free fudge which has been setting for the past 3 hours. There is a hole in the side of the fudge tray where I have been scraping away at it every hour or so >;)
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Meine Mutter ist in den Krankenhaus.

... except she isn't yet. As of 11am she will be, though. Bits will be removed from her on Tuesday afternoon, and the finished article will be returned to us on Wednesday 26th, assuming all goes well. I can visit her any afternoon apart from Tuesday, but she will have tubes stuck in her until at least Thursday, and she has been told to tell all squeamish people not to visit before Friday.

I am trying to write this in a humorous and slightly ironic tone to disguise the fact that I'm worried. I'm sure thousands of people have the same operation every day and manage not to die, but they're not my mother. I could get someone else to nag me, push all my buttons and make me scream with frustration, but it wouldn't be the same.
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I really do need to properly index my journal. I stopped adding my own posts to the Memories thingy about six months ago, because the posts there were all out of order and I wanted to start again from scratch. A couple of times recently I've been looking for an old post and not been able to find it, so as a note to self I really do need to do this sometime soon.

However, starting at gone 2am when I'm already tired is not the time.

Hrm... anyone want to write me a tool that'd go through my journal and extract from every post the time, title (if there is one), the first paragraph (or x hundred characters), and current mood? Never do yourself that which can be done in software, that's my motto :)
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