March 2nd, 2003


The Sims, Ikea, and disability.

I have sims of some people from We were discussing the game and furnishings in channel just now, and I had to go and get the Ikea catalogue to find out what a particular object looks like (a Pöang footrest) so I could see if I already have a Sims object that looks like it (apparently I don't). However, I had to put the Ikea catalogue down promptly because it was making me salivate. First, I saw the pictures in the back of the food they sell in the restaurant - I don't eat fish or meatballs, but the Swedish root vegetable hash is fantastic - I've had it before. Then I kept seeing furniture I wanted, and can't afford. Even if I pay $10 US a month for Sims pay sites, it's still way cheaper than buying the furniture irl :)

I am extremely amused by this queer disability conference link, mentioned by griffen. It should be required reading for BiCon organising people, for starters. I am going to write to the author and ask if I can add it into the stuff on special needs access that I've written, 'cos it's great. Especially the bit where she starts talking about The Sims!

(There is no "laughing" mood. Why not?! *mumble*)
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