March 11th, 2003

baratron, silly

Stuff. And things.

If you are a woman a bit smaller than me, or if you have a friend who is a woman a bit smaller than me, you might want to look at/point her to my eBay auctions. Selling t-shirts and goth/fetish clothing in UK sizes 10-16, mostly around a size 12 (that would be a 10 to US folk). I need the money, so please bid!

Apparently, this is a USB coffee cup warmer. I'm not convinced.

Anyone know where to get some trousers like the eyelet side leggings in this picture in a UK size 18 or so? I've emailed Wysteria to see if they can help, but further ideas would be useful. Not that I can afford to buy anything, unless my eBay stuff all sells...