March 16th, 2003


A fine evening online.

All the irc channels i'm on are dead tonight. Can't think why - people have something better to do on a Saturday night? ;) Richard has gone to bed because he has to be up at 5am for a paintball tournament, but he can't sleep, so I think I'd better stay up to make sure he is successfully extracted from his bed in the morning.

Andrew Cunningham on the Wildhearts list telling it like it is: I was going to respond to some of Drunk Ted's posts, but he's obviously a complete fucking arsehole, so I killfiled him instead...

And I'm busy boggling at the person who was giving up The Sims for Lent, but was still posting on the TSR forum! I mean, I can understand giving up the game because it takes up too much time that she could be using more usefully, but then to still be hanging around the forums talking about it... it's like giving up chocolate but still licking the wrappers!

I would just like to know why...

... Richard has to meet his paintball friends at the airport, so he can run the risk of getting arrested for being a long-haired weirdo in possession of a firearm at an airport? An unlicensed firearm, at that [1]. I've just had to change the knife I'd put in for his cake, because the one I had before was too weapon-like. I hope there is no one paranoid awake in Heathrow bus terminal, or he's in trouble.

No one, especially not a wuzzie, should be leaping out of bed at 5am having had 3 1/2 hours sleep. It's not natural.

[1] Licenses for paintball guns don't exist in this country.
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