March 21st, 2003

baratron, silly

Please adjust your surreality level and try again.

I just emailed gerwinium to tell him that fj (of Pink Hello Kitty Laptop and soc.motss fame) has had an attack of Dutch in the middle of his livejournal, when I realised that one of the people commenting on that entry has an immensely strokeable beard, and thus I needed to point out his userpics to meeping and wuzzie, and encourage wuzzie to grow his beard until it is as fuzzy and luxurious as this.

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angry, Buttercup

everything is going wrong

Having a bloody bad day. My legs are so crap today I can hardly even walk round the flat - I'm getting round by grabbing onto furniture and the walls. And various items of technology are conspiring against me. The new laptop battery which arrived on Tuesday (I think) doesn't seem to work either - it hasn't got above 9% in the "charging" menu. This means either this battery is fucked as well as the old one, or the laptop's charging circuitry is and both batteries are fine (this seems more probable - and expensive). Also, when I finally got the laptop working, I found that the server was dead, and it wouldn't reboot, or even come alive again with a power cycle - I had to physically switch it off at the wall before it would restart. Gah.

To cap it all off, Orange is having a fun and exciting network problem in my area. All 4 of the transmitters round here have failed, and the earliest they're going to be working is the 25th. Which means I can make and receive calls, but the person at the other end can't hear me because the signal is all chopped up. I can hear them, and I can send and receive text messages, but I can't actually talk to anyone! Which is completely shite, because I'm absolutely dependent on my mobile at the moment. When you can't get out of the house, and when you can't even reliably get up and walk to the phone before it stops ringing, a mobile that you can keep with you all the time is really bloody useful! Well, I've turned the answerphone off on the landline, so I have 20 rings to get to it rather than 6, but it still requires my legs to be working to a sufficient extent. I don't really want to buy a cordless phone for a couple of days. It's bad enough that I'll have to pay for phone calls for the next few days (normally calls I make in the evenings are free).

It's so crap - why does everything have to break at once?
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