March 26th, 2003


Ikea goodness!

I have tons of stuff to write about, none of which is very interesting. Ah well.

Weekend was good. On Saturday, Richard, Alexa & I went to Ikea with Tim & Peter. We borrowed a wheelchair (which was funky! All new and shiny!) and various people pushed me around while I got on their nerves by pointing out furniture and declaring "I have that in The Sims". Richard & I managed to come out having spent only £20 in addition to the bookshelf we'd gone there to get, which must be some sort of record. Tim & Peter were not so lucky, having not intended to buy anything (they'd driven over to take our bookshelf home, as it would not fit in Alexa's car). They ended up with copious quantities of kitchenware and a very large teddy bear.

We did all wonder why people go to Ikea with their entire family, including small children, and then drag them all around while they look at things. Ikea even provides a properly-supervised play area for tiny kids, an unsupervised tv room for older ones, and funky trolley-things to carry children in, so there's no real excuse to walk them round until they're exhausted and screaming. We are thinking of writing to the Daily Mail, explaining how taking children to Ikea is a bad idea because it will Expose Them To Homosexuals, and asking parents how they will feel in 10 years time when their kids turn out to be gay all because they were taken to Ikea at an impressionable age and saw two men buying a table together.

The bookshelf is now assembled and has tidy rows of books on it. Also, all our other shelves have been dusted and tidied. This is my way of trying to make the place more comfortable - because I can't stand up for very long or do any particularly manual work, but I can sit on the floor with piles of stuff and sort them.
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unsurprising quiz result, pervery and introspection

Oh, what a surprise: Collapse ) I didn't even fiddle my answers to get that!

Also, here is a picture featuring hot girl on girl action and an O'Reilly book. Not even vaguely work-safe.

I'm sort-of embarrassed about some of the LJ entries I've made over the past few weeks: as well as all the normal what's going on in my life stuff and interesting web links, I've posted several lots of crap that probably doesn't make sense to anyone apart from me. Plus a couple of very serious things. Both types of post seem incongruous with the usual style of my journal, but I don't really know what to do about that. Some time I will acquire enough round tuits to sort all my past entries and link to them through my own website...