April 24th, 2003

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laundry and procrastination

Today, I am mostly doing laundry. The third load is in at the moment. I'm a bit surprised by the amount we have, but it's sheets - for allergy reasons, I sleep with many extra layers between myself and the mattress, and with pillows double-bagged. (This despite having a latex mattress and pillows, which are not supposed to harbour dust mite). And absolutely everything needs doing, even the duvet cover, because I had snot attacks all over my bedding as a result of my cold. What fun!

I have about a million emails that need answering, but I'm procrastinating for the moment by livejournalling - as so many of us do. Can't face doing real work just yet - my brain is fried by the remnants of my cold and by hyperventilation. Collapse )

Had a good appointment with the doctor today. Collapse )
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argh, the pain!

Just received this email from amazon.co.uk:

Dear Amazon.co.uk customer

To celebrate the launch of our fantastic new shop, we'll give you GBP 15
off your next order when you spend GBP 50 or more in Kitchen & Home*. Terms
and conditions apply.

Noooo! Don't encourage me to buy more kitchenware! We already have too much to fit in our actual kitchen! And we still don't have one of every type of knife, or a pizza cutter... (I'll spare you the complete list).

*twitch, twitch*. meeping and gerwinium will feel my pain. Tim actually proposed to me a few weeks ago, on the basis that if we got married, we could get people to buy us lots of kitchenware, and split it between us. They are apparently needing to do an Ikea trip, just for kitchenware...
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aibo, sleepy, cute

Novel Hello Kitty merchandise, and other stories.

Just when I think I might be getting a grip on Japanese culture, I see this photo (link courtesy of firecat). Er, MEEP!

Meanwhile, I have spent a good few hours fiddling with my luverly new game. You know you're in trouble when even a native Japanese speaker can't understand the manual! However, after web searching by said nexxcat, things are finally making (small amounts of) sense. Hooray!
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