May 6th, 2003


gender schmender?

A couple of people have been writing interesting things about gender recently. katyha wrote this, which I think is a public entry, and memevector wrote this. My reply is here.

I just thought I'd draw people's attention to them, because I found them interesting. Also, I certainly haven't written anything profound recently, and anyone who's been watching my journal because they've seen one of my wordier articles in the past must be feeling disappointed ;)
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angry, Buttercup

what a disgusting day

I feel like crap on a stick. Today was supposed to be my first day back at work after 6 weeks or so off. However, when I got up to go to work, I was promptly violently sick. Collapse ) I should go and have a bath in a bit, and wash all the yuck out of my hair - all I managed to do earlier was wipe it with a baby wipe before collapsing in a heap.

Oh, and several things which were on the floor in my bedroom were so covered in puke that they had to be thrown away. Luckily, I've only lost one book, and it's easy enough to replace, but... eurgh. I'm so glad I moved the pile of thesis work that had been by the bed onto the new bookcase, otherwise I'd be having an even more fun evening than I am.
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