May 19th, 2003

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more cleaning, and Teeth

I underestimated. Another 4 hours of tidying, and a total of 4 bags of rubbish, 2 bags of charity shop donations and 7... no, 8 bags of recycling. Plus some cardboard boxes that went out whole. And there's still a large pile of cardboard boxes in the corner of our front room! It seems a colossal amount of effort for a change that only I will notice, but I feel significantly less irritable, which has to be the main point of it really.

Yesterday I was going to post a long moan about Richard, but I couldn't be bothered. 99% of the time I'm really pleased to have him around - it's just that he's messy and forgetful, and yesterday he managed to forget two important things despite me reminding him. That combined with the state of the front room and my hormones made me a seething mass of teeth for a while. I still think he owns far more power tools than one man could possibly need, and am annoyed by paintball equipment being strewn all over the flat, but I've put everything in one place now, so he can see how much there is. And cleared a space in the cupboard, so there is somewhere for it to go. If the paintball stuff he used this weekend is still everywhere on Tuesday when I go to bed, teeth and growling will occur again, but at least he's had a warning.
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Periodic desserts and The Wildhearts.

I have had a couple of links open in my browser for over a week now, so I should get round to posting them :)

The Periodic Table of Dessert. Amusing and geeky - but the chemist in me goes all teeth-gnashy. If you have no idea what the difference between a Group and a Period is, you'll love it, if you do, you'll love it for as long as you can keep your inner chemist suppressed. (Which is coming back to that little blue ewok advert of a few weeks ago... I saw a paper version of it today, so must scan that in).

fj writes I think what the world needs now is one of those really narrative country songs with that larger-than-life-story quality about how two guys grew up together and are now in love.... Made me meep, then made me laugh, then the comments made me meep again.

I wrote about the Wildhearts gig only in terms of it making me wheezy, nothing about the actual content. They played "Sky Babies"! At this point, everyone who's familiar with the Wildhearts will be going "Oh My God!!" (yes, with two exclamation marks) - for everyone else, it is a song that is ten-and-a-half minutes long, and which fans have been begging them to play at every gig since they got back together 2 years ago. It's become almost a standard joke for the audience to shout "Play Sky Babies!". And this time they actually did.

I don't necessarily identify with the main point of the song (I don't particularly want to meet aliens and go off in a UFO), but it contains some of my favourite lyrics of all time, namely:

I... I'm looking at the sky tonight
Everything clear defined, just like the last time
All ideas inside my head, anything like the real one?
I... I'm looking from the floor tonight, weary of humankind
Tired of the chains that bind
Wasting time on diatribe
And all the time the walls are closing in, I'm feeling stuck inside again
Need something more divine than suicide, more generous than faith
'Cos when I get to see a new sun arise, I'll be myself bathing on the other side
A simple way to win it with ease - I'll take a cheap seat, please!

You probably have to hear it with the music as well. It just touches a chord inside me - the depression, isolation, anger of the verse, and then bubbling over into the excitement of the last two lines. There is a hope, there is a reason to keep going. Just means something to me.

Can't believe they actually played it. Their reason for never doing so was that Danny couldn't remember the song all the way through, but with him in rehab (again)... well, I really didn't expect a temporary bass player to bother learning it, but... wow.