May 29th, 2003


I forgot to mention...

that Richard has a new job. Unlike the job he's had for some years now, where he is head of multimedia/digital media for the London branch, network manager for the entire company, and also the only sysadmin in London, at the new place he will be one of four or five senior sysadmins, and there are also junior sysadmins and engineers. So hopefully take the piss situations where he's at work all night will occur on a much smaller frequency, and he will actually be able to take his entire holiday allowance instead of not being allowed more than a week off at a time, and he might actually be able to go on holiday without having to field calls from work all the time. He has another 2 days left of the old job and starts the new one on Monday. He is nervous, but I am certain it could be no worse, and will probably be better than the place he's working now.

Alexa is looking for work at the moment, and wants to be a sysadmin, but I wouldn't point her at Richard's old job if it was the only sysadmin job in the world. The senior management in Amsterdam are really nice people and competent, but the management in London are... eh, well I don't want to be sued for libel, but let's just say neither of those adjectives applies. I don't want to haul one of my partners out of the fire and throw the other one in! I've found a few jobs on Monster that might be suitable, but if anyone's company is looking for a junior sysadmin, do let me/her know.
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