August 13th, 2003


Pride and proud

Got stuff to say, and some of it's really important - so I'll do my usual thing of starting with the most trivial. What I should really do is start with the most important and work backwards, so it doesn't matter when I run out of energy and give up, but the most important stuff requires a brain that has already been tamed into submission. Hrm.

...uh, I've run out of energy already.

Had strange dreams on Thursday night, went to the pub with the drunkbisexuals on Friday night, and to Brighton Pride on Saturday. I am not in this photo. We had lunch at the place that does The Best Vegetarian Sausages In The World (imo), so I was pleased about that. I came back from Pride with a strange woman's bra in my bag. [*]

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My Flat-Pack Trauma

One of the pieces of the Unit That Is Going To Become A Crockery-Storer is broken. There is no sign of damage on the box. Therefore, it must have been damaged before it got into the box.

I phoned Ikea to find out what to do, and they said we should just take back the part that was broken. So Alexa drove it over there, only to find that they didn't have one of those in stock, and they'd have to specially order it in. The customer service droid took down my name and number, and was supposed to be calling me about it, but didn't. After a few days, I rang them and discovered that they'd lost the previous form, so another one was filled in. Still no one has rung me. I may have to contact them again.

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