August 30th, 2003

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You're all freaks! (and I'm freaked)

OK, I'm freaked. I have a "Gourmet vegan burger" in the oven that looks and smells just like a meat burger. All the ingredients are vegan (and joy oh joy, it doesn't contain onion!), but it's decidedly meaty in appearance...

Thus, a discussion on
[BroAdam] I wonder if there was a vegan version of soylent green.
[BroAdam] "It tastes just like it was MADE FROM PEEEEEEEEEEOPLLLLLLLE!"
[fluffKitten] soyalent green
[BroAdam] right
[BroAdam] it's both good and disturbing to know that fk and I are on the same page with this

an announcement

I just want to say that my partners rock. Alexa & Richard - they're both lovely, lovely people, and I'm extremely lucky to have them. Especially with Richard - there aren't many straight monogamous introverted guys willing to "take on the challenge" of a bi poly woman who can't seem to help making her life over-complicated - yet even after all this time he's still always there for me with support and advice. He's still my best friend. And I want us to be together for ever and ever, or as long as we still make each other happy. So there.

(And it still amazes me how many of my problems in life come down to wolfpack politics. I'm the wrong sodding species, that's what it is.)
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