September 26th, 2003

baratron, silly

Evil *cackling*

I'm browsing WebElements and I keep finding the message: Do not attempt this reaction unless are a professionally qualified chemist and you have carried out a legally satisfactory hazard assessment. Well, I have a degree in chemistry and can legally put Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry after my name, so I think that makes me about as qualified as you can get. Muahahaaa! *bang*

Actually, I think next week we have a lesson about how to make things explode safely. That'll be fun.
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baratron, silly

An incredible kaboom!

Cor. We made such a big bang in lab that the smoke alarm went off and the entire building had to be evacuated! I regard this as a success.

Unbelievably, that reaction (magnesium with copper (II) oxide) was only described as "violent". We could also have done the thermite reaction, but that was described as "extremely violent", and the college security were already pissed off with us.

I am very proud.
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Science made fun!

I have found a site with vaguely scientific cartoons! Nearing Zero.

Ones that made me laugh particularly hard:
The League of Responsible Chemists.
Coffee and chocolate.
Genetic engineering homework.
Reviewing a scientific paper: Etiquette for reviewers.

These ones probably require some scientific knowledge:
Lunch through the mass spectrometer
Ligand substitution

Word plays and terrible puns:
New Millennium

And, eh, there's lots more there. So have a look if you're bored!