October 1st, 2003

angry, Buttercup

and if I wasn't already feeling alienated...

Okay, this is a bit ridiculous.

During a one year PGCE course you spend over 20 weeks in total working in a school. At KCL we have two placements - one in the autumn term (Phase A), and one in the spring & summer terms (Phase B). When we filled in the forms for school placements, it was asked whether we had any special needs for placement (e.g. medical, religious, childcare). I wrote "Due to medical reasons, I need to be placed in a school which is 5 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop or station (absolutely no more than 10 minutes walk). This is especially important in cold/wet weather".

So where have they placed me? In a school that's 15 minutes hike up a steep fucking hill! And that's on a day with good weather for the season! I arrived exhausted and in pain - hardly in a good state for an entire day on my feet. The whole reason I asked for that consideration is that I don't want to arrive exhausted and in pain! Things like this make an enormous difference to my ability to do the job.

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I'm so unhappy about this, you would not believe. The lift will be fixed in the next few days, it's just one of these things that happens. But to completely ignore what I've said on my form... There is no way I will be able to do that walk when it's icy. The journey is long enough and the hill is steep enough that it took me 8 minutes to walk back down. The school seems really nice, well-organised and friendly, and I don't particularly want to have to go elsewhere. But unless someone will pay for me to get a taxi up the hill in the morning, there's no way I can get there.

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