December 5th, 2003

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foods that do not exist

You know what I really hate? Dreaming about foodstuffs that do not yet exist. Last night I had a fantastic dream about vegan bacon that actually had the texture of real bacon, without a list of E numbers as long as my arm. (Vegetarian "bacon" currently available tastes like salty cardboard and has a million and one artificial additives). Then I woke up. A few weeks ago, I dreamt about going to an ice cream parlour, desperately wanting a milkshake, and I was told "it's okay, all the ice creams here are soya or oat"...

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misplaced apostrophes

Can't remember if I've had this rant before:

A sign on a trolley in the British Library:
"School's storage trolley."

Now, I suppose it could be argued that the trolley will probably only be used by one school at a time, but...

It is nice to have an excuse to be working in the BL again. It has a really good atmosphere - quiet and studious. Completely unlike the KCL library I go to, where there are regularly people chatting in the silent study area. I mean - gah! Within that library there are several large rooms with plate-glass windows and a door that are designated group study areas, and they're pretty much never full - and there's another area near the computers where people work in groups and talk about their work. But to be sitting there having a long conversation in the silent study area, when there are plenty of other places where talking's allowed... gah!

I'd complain to the librarians, except they're far far too busy doing librarian stuff to have time to patrol the library and kick out miscreants. (Honestly, there is at least a 10 minute queue at the issue desk for most of the day - and books sit in the "returns" section sometimes for as long as 4 days. Clearly, they're short-staffed). No, what we need is a couple of bouncers. Big guys in suits who will physically escort talkers to the talking areas. That'd work.