December 21st, 2003


new toys! new toyz!

wuzzie has bought me a GameBoy Advance SP. I am In Love.

It's soo cool. I've been wanting one since this time last year, when the guy we know in Computer Exchange showed us photos, and I've been so annoyed not to have had enough spare money to buy one. But Richard is feeling slightly flush with cash atm, so... I can now buy all the games I've been wanting since the GBA came out, but couldn't get because I couldn't see well enough to play on a GBA. Collapse )

So, eeeeee. If you want me, I'll be playing Pokemon Sapphire :) Or maybe Spyro 2: Season of Ice, if I can figure out the damn controls Collapse ) Depending on what the reviews from sites I trust look like, I might get The Sims: Bustin' Out for GBA, and then I might end up with square eyes :) I'm already worried I might carry the GBA around with me all the time, and turn every conceivable spare minute into game-playing time. (Well, it's not like I actually have spare time in the evenings...)
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"winter wonderland" @ the D00m

Today we went to the Dome with Tim & Peter for the Winter Wonderland indoor theme park thing. It was not bad, but not worth £20. Basically, you can get an unlimited ride wristband for £10, which is good value - there's a huge big wheel (even if Tim, Peter & Richard all decided it was only a medium wheel), a rollercoaster, a vertical drop ride, dodgems, a carousel, a "Froggit" (I don't know how to describe this. The one we went on 2 years ago at Olympia was an octopus and you sat on the end of the tentacles and got lifted up and down as the ride went round. Kinda like the Flying Jumbos, only for adults), 3 spinny rides (including one like Samurai), one extremely scary thing that we all chickened out of, and an incredibly wet log flume. And you can go on those rides as many times as you want, if you can cope with the queues. But it costs another £10 just to get in. And all that's included in that £10 is a Cartoon Network area, a tiny Lego area, and a "German market". All the other attractions (the ice rink, circus and go-karts) cost yet more money (although kids under 13 get to go on the kiddy ice rink for free). And the other problem was that there was no (or hardly any) heating in the Dome, so it was fucking freezing! Even more so if you'd gone on the log flume. I was sensible, and brought my enormous waterproof poncho - but still got soaked. Huh.

In summary: if you are feeling rich, and you wear lots of spare clothing (especially on your legs), take several Thermos flasks of tea with you, and you don't mind waiting around in queues for half an hour for a 2 minute ride, it's fun. If not, don't bother. Honestly - if the Dome was actually heated, we would have stayed a lot longer and probably would have felt it was worth the money. Whereas, as it was...

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