January 12th, 2004


The combination of DSPS and SAD, and how this works for me.

Or why I am almost entirely dependent on artificial UV to maintain any kind of regular sleep schedule. One of these lj entries that started off as a comment in someone else's journal, and then I realised it was important enough to copy into my own.

I'm very much a night-time person. It's strange, because I have both Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome and SAD. Which is a bizarre combination: DSPS is like permanent jetlag - left to myself my body clock drifts until I'm on [local time +8] hours, and generally stabilises around there. Left to myself I get up mid-to-late afternoon and get sleepy around 5am. It's really fucking bizarre that coupled to that I also suffer terribly with depression and moodiness if I don't get enough daylight.

Or is it? The fact is, living where I do, the only time I get "enough" daylight is during midsummer. Most of the time it's grey and miserable. So it's only at night when I'm sitting under an electric light that I'm getting enough of the kind of UV I need to be happy. Thus, my psuedoscientific analysis states that my subconscious brain wants me to sit up late with bright UV streaming into my face, and sleep during the day when the grotty weak natural UV is operating.

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